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Apartments Sisul are situated in island Pag, in the small tourist place Potocnica, some ten kilometers away from Novalja and famous beach Zrce. Potocnica is a quiet destination for those who would like to escape from warm city sidewalks and spend their holidays in a quiet place with a homey atmosphere. Apartments Sisul offer accommodations in two separate ground-floor apartments (bigger one for 4 persons and smaller one for 3 persons). The apartments are on disposal from 1st June to 1st October with a very popular prices.

Island Pag

The island of Pag is one of the biggest Adriatic islands: it is the fifth largest island with 285 square kilometers; it is 63 kilometers long and 2-10 kilometers wide. Island Pag has 8000 inhabitants, but during the summer that number increase a lot.

Pag's celebrities are:
  • first class sheep cheese and lamb (the gastronomy),
  • the famous lace,
  • the salt
  • The original salt manufacture by draining of the sea, which is brought in the small clay pools (saline), is still present on the island. These salt pools are not only an authentic relict of the past but also an interesting photographic motif.

    The town of Pag is also the town of needlework- the famous lace. Every lace is a unique item. The slow and demanding process of making them has been nourished through centuries and still lives in the streets of the old town. The surrounding of the city Novalja is well known from lovely beaches and nice nature. Here are also famous olive oil attain from very old olive tree that grow in Lun. Some of the trees are 2000 years old.

    In spring 1999 in the hinterland of Novalja an interesting phenomenon has been discovered, that is a triangle-formed trace on a rocky ground, called Pag triangle. This natural phenomenon attracts a great number of curious persons and tourists, journalists and experts, who try to explain from their point of view (some connect this phenomenon with UFO).

    At the end, it is important to list main harbors and marines on island: Stara Novalja, Pag, Caska, Metajna, Dinjiška, Stara Povljana, Košljun, Šimuni, Mandre, Novalja and Tovarnele.

    Welcome to Pag, Potocnica and we are waiting for you.

    For your vacation that will be a memorable one!

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